Philip J. Hickey Jr. - Chairman/CEO RARE Hospitality, 2013 Chairman, National Restaurant Association
"Gerry Hornbeck delivers a strong ROI (return on investment) and ROTI (return on time invested). He has added value in a profound manner to two companies I have led. The scoreboard speaks for itself: after 2 years of Gerry's consulting, the value of Rio Bravo restaurants rose from $17MM to $68MM, culminating in an acquisition by Applebee's. Additionally, his participation and counsel has contributed to RARE Hospitality's increase in market value from $120MM to $900MM over the last five years.

Gerry transitions easily from high level/long term strategic planning to concept evolution; from executive coaching and business analysis to managing organizational transitions. His style of coaching engenders buy-in from all participants, from staff to operations to Board members. This enables the leadership team to drive toward goal achievement through plan execution. Simply put, Gerry is one of the best in the business.

Gene Lee - CEO Darden Restaurants
"Gerry is a strong strategic thinker and industry expert who played a significant role while advising the leadership team at RARE Hospitality. He was a trusted advisor I could always count on to provide, clear, objective direction and feedback and make meaningful contributions in areas and in all settings."

Rick Rosenfield, Larry Flax - Co-Chairmen, Co-CEO's California Pizza Kitchen
"Gerry Hornbeck's intelligent perspectives and wide-ranging experience were invaluable to our management team and to the development of our business plan. His strategic planning process and guidance gave us the tools and direction to successfully implement our plan and increase our results. Gerry's approach is challenging, focused and goal-oriented, yet also warn and informal. Gerry is an absolute pleasure to work with."

David Head - CEO, O'Charley's Inc.
"Upon taking on the mission of reviving a 33 year old brand, and having past experiences with the "consultant trap" and paying for recycled conventional wisdom and repeated industry cliches, I talked with a number of industry CEO's and investment bankers to find a strong multi skilled Strategic Partner. From the beginning it was obvious that Gerry Hornbeck was the "real deal". His work on Strategic Planning, Concept Development and Organizational development have been pivotal to our efforts.

Gerry is a teacher, coach, mentor who is part of the team, with insight and perspectives that allows us to look at the whole picture. I look forward to working with him well into the future.

Willy Bitter, Founder, CEO, Willy's Mexicana Grill
"When I opened my 10th store, I hit a wall. Things that worked before weren't working anymore and I was struggling as my once small business was becoming an real company. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Gerry. In our first meeting I peppered him with a lot of questions... none of which he really answered at that time. Instead of giving me sound bite responses, he answered my questions as he challenged me and my team, and showed us how to really look at our business, organization, and how we plan and execute. That's what is unique about Gerry, he doesn't tell you what you want to hear... but what you need to hear. He taught us how to develop our first strategic plan, and are on track with it to this day. Now over 25 stores, it has been quite a successful ride as we have grown the value of the company over ten fold. I am glad to have Gerry along as an advisor, coach, and friend."

George McKerrow - CEO/Founder, Ted's Montana Grill
"Simply put, Gerry Hornbeck and Concept Management are a "mirror to the present and a looking glass to the future." Gerry's foresight and experience give him the ability to make his clients think and reflect on what is and is not working for them. His demeanor is always uplifting, challenging and understandable. I cannot express enough the respect I have for his knowledge and his challenging leadership."

Ken Pendery - CEO, First Watch Restaurants
"Gerry Hornbeck and Concept Management have provided us with the resource of a broader perspective of the restaurant industry both in a structured planning system and management/organizational development tools. Gerry's capacity to pinpoint important issues and lead us to their resolution has been material ... a great understanding of our business, management and the industry."

Dave George - President, LongHorn Steak House
"A rewarding 10 years. Thank you so much for your counsel and direction. You have played a big part in keeping us focused and moving in the right direction. I personally appreciate our relationship and thought provoking questions you kept placing before me and the team. You have helped me be a better leader, thinker and business person."

Marc Buehler - CEO, Kona Grill
"I have had the privilege of working with Concept Management and Gerry Hornbeck at three different Brands. At each stop, Gerry has provided a broad range of expert advice and consultation. He is well adept at strategic planning, management team development and concept turnarounds. He does not just come in and drop a canned plan on your desk and walk away, but rather customizes his approach to every situation and its needs, developing both the strategic, tactical execution and organizational plans needed to achieve your objectives. Additionally, he is genuinely concerned with your success.

My most recent engagement with Gerry is with Kona Grill, where he became an adjunct part of our senior leadership team and helped design the plan to facilitate a quick turnaround resulting in outstanding top and bottom line results, including doubling of the company market valuation in only 18 months.

I consider Gerry to be the best in the industry in the services and value added he provides.

Robby Kukler, Co-founder, Partner, Fifth Group Restaurants
"My partners and I were extremely pleased with the results we garnered from working with Gerry Hornbeck and Concept Management. Gerry helped us better understand industry, market and financial standards, how they related to our company, and guided us in building a plan for future growth and success. We recommend Gerry highly to anyone wanting to grow their business smartly; we thoroughly learned from and enjoyed our experience."

Bob Derrington - Senior Vice President, Analyst, Wunderlich Securities
"From big picture to grass roots operating trends, Gerald's tenured perspective of the Restaurant industry has provided us a well spring of knowledge in understanding the complexities facing operators today. His relaxed, patient tutorials have been well timed and consistently on the mark.

Class in session ... Dr. Hornbeck presiding. As a research analyst covering the restaurant industry, our view is traditionally reliant on third party resources. Concept Management and Gerald Hornbeck has provided a seasoned perspective and has help guide us by adding real world insight and direction to restaurant company and concept performance. Gerald's experience with a number of restaurant chains experiencing a wide variety of growing pains including start-up companies, struggling older chains as well a solid chains needing further refinement to their business models is invaluable.

David Geraty - President, C.E.O., Geraty Investment Partners, LP
"For over two decades Gerry Hornbeck and his firm Concept Management have been guiding entrepreneur and senior executives at some of this country's top restaurant companies. In the process he shows how restaurant companies can develop both leading concepts and management teams to sustain their success for years to come."

Juan Garcia - President, C.O.O., Benihana, Inc.
"Gerry Hornbeck has proven to be an invaluable asset to our management team. He has been instrumental in formulating and refining our strategic and business plans. His extensive knowledge of the restaurant industry provides our company with a great resource as we transition into a growth company. Gerry has the unique ability to communicate with all members of the team assuring the necessary buy in from all team members. Once engaged, Gerry becomes a team member, mentor and coach."

Ned Lidvall - CEO/President, Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc.
"Gerry Hornbeck/Concept Management provides a unique combination of both broad knowledge and in-depth perspective for restaurant company leaders. Gerry's experience as an owner/operator and his years of consulting give him an unparalleled level of experience. Gerry also brings a genuine and personal approach to his relationships, making him an outstanding mentor and teacher, he truly has all the tools. The Concept Management approach is appropriate for restaurant companies of most any size of lifecycle stage. Bottom line, Gerry has been a significant and valued part of our improvement and progress."

David Gilbert - C.O.O. National Restaurant Association
"Gerry is in an industry veteran who, unlike many consultants, has been there, done that ... experience, success, knowledge and great talent to both understand the tactical business issues while looking at your business from a strategic perspective."

Phil Roberts - Founder, Bucca Di Beppo and Oceanaire
"Gerry Hornbeck taught us that the first thing we needed to do to corral more customers and grow our company was to harness our resources."

Brad Houghton - CEO, Moxies/Eatz Entertainment of Canada
"Gerry and Concept Management brought an in depth business perspective to our management team. His ability to analyze our company's needs and lead us to formulate the necessary solutions have measurably increased our performance and strengthened our management team. Concept Management's planning discipline has become a permanent part of our organization."

Pete Truxaw - Co-Founder, Salt Creek Grille Restaurants
"With Salt Creek Grille being a small but growth-oriented company, we have found our relationship to be extremely valuable in our pursuit of surrounding ourselves with a team of key restaurant industry experts. Gerry has provided candid concept development goals for us to strive to achieve and yet offers a grounded highly experienced view of our upscale casual segment of the industry. The disciplined principles Concept Management prescribes have proven to be keys to our success."