Gerald Hornbeck's experience over the last thirty years has been managing/leading growth companies. That experience has led to his understanding of the processes of structuring a "path to success" for business concepts and about the stages and dimensions of growth necessary to allow their organizations as a whole to excel. From trainee to executive line and corporate staff positions to co-founding and taking his own company public, to working with a broad number of emerging, regional and national companies as a strategic consultant and management advisor. Gerald's in depth experience has built a platform to consistently increase both business and personal performance.

• Certified Consultant to Management, American Association of Professional Consultants
• National Association of Corporate Directors
• Certified in Strategic Planning, Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management

To provide tangible, measurable, information and solutions/systems that increase results, productivity and the value of the business.
To provide personalized service with attentive follow-up.
To increase client competitive advantage and results.
To increase client organizational and concept productivity.
To assist clients in determining what is preventing them from achieving their desired results by helping them identify real problems/obstacles, their causes, and solving those problems/obstacles.

Concept Management's value added service:
Concept Management has first hand, hands on experience and has attained real results, and has helped others in achieving their results.
Concept Management teaches/shares information with its clients to allow them to get the same or greater results on their own in the future, leaving them a residual value of knowledge, processes and techniques.Concept Management provides a supportive environment that builds positive, contributing, and long-term client relationships.

People and organizations can achieve great results when:
  • They have vision, and are able to describe that vision clearly
  • They have clear Expectations, Accountability and Training
  • They effectively plan and organize work They create a culture of mutually benefiting relationships and build teams
Concept Management is committed to translating its experience and values into significantly increased results for growth oriented, high-performance organizations and individuals.

Role components:
Strategic Plan coordinator
Executive Coach Management Team/Leadership Development
Industry expert
Business Partner
Accountability advocate
Devil's advocate
Objective resource