Who are we? Where are we going? How are we going to get there?
A planning system that can be developed into the current organization as a whole that establishes or combines your current strategic direction and operating plans into an easily manageable and measurable tool. It works towards an accountability/ performance schedule that keeps the organization in continual touch with priorities, strengths, obstacles, etc. on a regular basis and establishes the FOCUS required for growth. It also covers big picture marketplace activities, financial, human resource, organizational, and development strategies. A GAP analysis and assessment process (Strength/ Weakness/ Opportunity/ Obstacle/ Decisions to be Made) is also used to problem solve business performance issues. The planning system and models are used to increase current effectiveness as well as create a master document/plan that provides the primary structure to grow the business successfully.

The Strategic/Operating plan becomes the cornerstone of a fully developed Business Development Model that can be leveraged into formal presentations to the financial community and capital markets.

Businesses/Concepts that deliver a clear, focused message, and define their niche position will have the greatest success in the years to come. Concept, Financial, Concept Operations / Concept Competitive Advantage assessment/reviews as an outside, objective resource provide a current and future picture of concept/business performance. Reviews include latest market trend inputs and regional/national market activity information.

An Organizational Development process is a part of an integrated corporate strategic plan that addresses the human and organizational infrastructure needs required to drive the future of the business. Organizational/Human capacity to consistently execute at a high level is a primary contributor to business plan success.
• State of the Organization Survey
• Organization design/ structure, alignment, accountability systems
• Management profiles, 360 Feedback surveys
• Succession planning

Individual and management team coaching keep the executive group focused, aligned and synergistic. In addition, skilled group facilitation, problem solving, and executive retreats address and reinforce direction and values. Concept Management has developed a catalog of management presentations directed to the concerns and needs of today's marketplace and workplace. These interactive sessions are customized to each clients needs.

• Acquisition/integration of new executive leaders.
• Acquisition/integration of new businesses.

- These transitions present the opportunity for an organization to readdress/communicate its strategic and operating direction, how plans and decisions are made to effectively achieve its goals, and build consensus teamwork at the executive level.