The Strategic Advantage

Growing, Refining, Optimizing.   Concept Management has over 20 years experience assisting growth companies in the development and structuring of their organizations to stay ahead of their growth curve while maintaining their competitive advantage. Planning and managing an increasingly more competitive landscape and becoming more strategically directed and focused on a longer term agenda are two of the most important issues management faces today. Client and market experience have shown that many companies develop strategic/ business plans that they can't do, resulting in performance dragging behind their stated plans. The real work is the development of plans that in fact can be implemented and sustained by their organizations in the real world.

Concept Management shepherds both entrepreneurs and larger corporations though transitions and lays the framework to build an effective, results oriented team and organization by working closely with organizations and individuals by significantly increasing their competitive advantage.

Answering the questions: "Who are we?, Where are we going?, How are we going to get there?"   A personalized, in-depth assessment and analysis are conducted to determine your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, obstacles and decisions to be made. Latest national and regional market activity are assessed as a part of the process for determining your company's best direction.

The strategic planning process is part of a totally integrated system that sets future direction, builds effective business plans/models, and addresses the resources and organizational infrastructure needs required to drive the future of the business. Capital, focus, clarity, talent quotient, alignment/teamwork and accountability lead the way to meeting and exceeding desired results.

Getting the team working in concert.   In today's business environment, executive and management team synergy and productivity contribute substantially to whether anything really gets done and stays done. Gerry's business and leadership experiences have been both entrepreneurial and professional, giving him insight into the entrepreneurial > strategically directed > professionally managed  transition of most business enterprises. His coaching and mentoring relationships include a broad variety of private and public companies, start-ups, turnarounds and guiding successful individuals, management teams and companies to the next level.